Forever Training

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Aug 012017

Forever Training ? Always learning something new  !!

Cardiff Balloons Are Forever Training

Here at Cardiff Balloons we are forever training. We believe no matter what you know about a subject and no matter how experienced you are there is always something you can learn.

With that in mind we attend as many training courses and workshops within our industry as we can. Most of them only last the day but some do last a bit longer.

Our most recent course was to do with balloons, we picked up some fantastic new ideas and techniques, and of course will put them to good use in due course.

One of the designs we learned on the latest course was to make a monster out of balloons. Maybe great for Halloween but not so much for everyday use. With that in mind we changed the design slightly and came us with this.

What do you think ??Minion Balloon From Cardiff Balloons

In all fairness, we think he is pretty cool. This in one of the many reasons we think that you can never just let your business stand still.

You have to evolve, you have to learn what is new and what is in trend at the moment. Here at Cardiff Balloons we try to do just that.

So whatever your requirements in balloon decoration or gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our fully and recently trained balloon professionals.

New Bubble Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

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Jan 122016

New Bubbe Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

Every year Qualatex brings out a new and exciting range of bubbles, this year is no exception. With many different everyday themes being added to the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

Cardiff Balloons Brings You A Pink Happy Birthday Bubb;eThe  Birthday Pink Starburst Sparkle bubble range co-ordinate perfectly with the Birthday Sparkle foils. These are available in happy birthday, and all milestone birthdays from 18-60. At present these new bubbles are only being produced in the pink,magenta,white pattern which makes them perfect for ladies with a special birthday. A bonus with the bubble balloons is that they are long lasting and so are perfect also to put into a gift arrangement for someone special.

Also new out this year is the new designs in Welcome Baby Bubbles, with pretty, colourful dots and star New baby balloon from Cardiff Balloonsprints. Also the Welcome Baby Animal Patterns Bubble both of which are perfect to celebrate the arrival of  a new little one. As the colours are generic on both balloons they are ideal for baby boys or girls alike. Perfect for when the gender of the baby has been kept as a suprise. Qualatex latex balloons and foils can also be added to these bubbles to make a larger/more bespoke gift for the precious new arrival.

The Birthday Sorbet Starburst Bubble is perfect for adding with latex in a display. It works well with wild berry, purple violet, tropical teal and lime. These colours are also available in Birthday Sparkle, a perfect match for the new bubble. Another new birthday bubble design is the Birthday Balloons and Candles Bubble, which to me has Cardiff Balloons - 18th Birthday pink bubbescombined two very popular bubble ideas together, and created a truly fun design. The Birthday Black Band and Dots Bubble will work well for any birthday where colour is key. The Birthday colourful stripes foil also works well with this.

Qualatex have launched these balloons and will be with us shortly. So watch this space for updates and other new product information as it is recieved.

Giant Balloon Numbers In Disguise !!

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Jan 262015

Giant Numbers At Cardiff BalloonsThe basic large or giant balloon numbers have been around in the balloon and party industry for a good few years now, but as more and more manufacturers are beginning to make them we are seeing new colours becoming available.

Originally available in basic silver and gold here at Cardiff Balloons we now stock the numbers in 9 different colours ready for you to to just pop in and collect. We also have access toanimal foil number balloons animal numbers which bring a slightly more interesting side to the number collection.

Our large foil balloon numbers average around 34″ tall and are suitable for helium or air filling. Our fantastic off the hook price of just £7.99 includes helium filling and a weight too.

But why just leave it at a basic number ? We at Cardiff Balloons have come up with several designs that all bring something new and innovative to the basic balloon number. Maybe just something Mickey holding a number 1simple as placing the number balloon on a small column. Or better yet for a little ones birthday why not add a mickey or minnie mouse to the design ?

Maybe even make the number part of the character itself. With the new zebra print number balloon that has been developed why not incorporate that into a zany zebra birthday design.

Whatever the look or design you would like with our huge range of giant number please do not hesitate to getzebra balloon number in touch one of our experienced balloon artists will be only too happy to help and advise you.

Giant Number Design

The Sweet Buffet

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Jun 012014

As with everything else in life some people want to do something different especially on their wedding day. So here at Cardiff Balloons we have brought you the sweet buffet.

Cardiff Sweet TablesSweet tables and carts are a relatively new idea for weddings and parties, and as with all our other services we aim to bring you the same high standards we offer with our other services at the same competitive prices.

Our sweet buffets are priced per head and the price includes the sweets, glassware, tongs or scoops and sweet bags in the colour you choose. We can even personalise your sweet bags for you.

In addition to our amazing sweet tables we also can offer our very own sweet cart, As with the sweetCardiff Sweet Cart buffet our sweet cart price is all inclusive.

You can even theme your sweet buffet if you wish, If you want the sweets to be all pink and white for example then that is no problem either.

The price for our amazing sweet buffet is from only £1.50 per head. Our mixed sweet buffet comes with a mixture of sweets and chocolates from past and present. Bringing you a mix of cardiff sweet tablestraditional retro sweets along with some brand new to the market. Maybe you want all chocolate instead, again this is no problem either.

So feel free to give us a call to see what we can do for you. Call us now on 029 2023 5661

Rainbow Of Giant Number Balloons

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Feb 052014

Giant Numbers At Cardiff BalloonsHere at Cardiff Balloons we are pleased to announce we have extended our range of giant number balloons. We have taken delivery of some exciting new colours.

In addition to the black, gold, pink, blue and silver we now are carrying stock of red and multi-coloured too. All these colours are kept in stock every day for you to simply call in and pick upGiant Number Design

And whats even better is that we have held the price at £7.99 too. So you can have any number you need in a wide selection of colours at no extra cost whatsoever.

We have also played around a little with the numbers too, making some exciting new designs instead of the basic helium filled number. We have designed a slant design similar to the one photographed above. This can be adapted and slightly changed to suit any number or age you would like, and from only £24.99 too.

We are always trying to come up with new ideas and suggestions for your balloon displays, but if you would like something special or bespoke pop in and have a chat with one of our balloon artists, we are always happy to help and as always our advice is free !

Keep an eye on our news here at Cardiff Balloons we have some exciting news coming up soon about having giant letters in different colours also.

St Dwynwen’s Day

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Jan 242014

Happy St Dwynwen's DaySt Dwynwen’s Day is celebrated on the 25th January every year. St Dwynwen is the Welsh Patron Saint of love and friendship.

Whilst no where near as popular as the more famous St Valentines Day, St Dwynwen’s day is slowly becoming more popular. Now you can buy cards and gifts centered around this historic Welsh festival.

Here in Cardiff St Dwynwen’s day is barely heard off however if you were to venture to some of the more rural parts of Wales you would surely find that this day is wildly celebrated. Some towns hold very lavish celebrations holding concerts and festivals to mark the Welsh Patron Saint of Love.

The story goes that Dwynwen fell in love with Maelon Dafodrill, but unfortunately her father had already arranged that she should marry someone else. In her grief Dwynwen fled to the woods, where she begged God to make her forget Maelon. After falling asleep, Dwynwen was visited by an angel, who appeared carrying a sweet potion designed to erase all memory of Maelon and turn him into a block of ice. God then gave three wishes to Dwynwen. First she wished that Maelon be thawed, second that God meet the hopes and dreams of true lovers and third that she should never marry. All three were fulfilled, and as a mark of her thanks, Dwynwen devoted herself to God’s service for the rest of her life.

St Dwynwens Day BalloonHere at Cardiff Balloons we would like to help you celebrate St Dwynwens Day so we have decided to hand glitter write on some traditional red foil heart balloons. If you would like one of our special balloons give us a call now they are only £3.99.

Competition Time

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Dec 052013

bmc0029_bigWe are launching a new competition today. Simply like and share our facebook page and we will enter you into a competition to win a Christmas Balloon In A Box. On Friday 20th December will will draw at random 1o names and contact them for details of where they would like the balloon sending.

We will ship the 10 winning balloons by courier on Monday 23rd December to arrive on Christmas Eve. Each balloon will be complete with a Christmas Card with a message of your choice.

To enter simply like and share either of our facebook pages which can be found on the link below or by clicking on the facebook logo on any of our pages.

Get sharing and good luck

Cardiff Balloons On Facebook

TSB Bank come to Cardiff

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Sep 092013

Late on Friday we received a telephone call from the new TSB branches in Cardiff. They wanted some arches and some large silver letters spelling TSB of course.

Spiral Balloon Arch

Working Street Cardiff by 7.30am

So we sprung to action. This is no problem for Cardiff Balloons. By 7am this morning we were outside the branch on Working Street in Cardiff City Centre. They were having a spiral arch outside and the letters TSB behind the counter.

As we always do all our preparation prior to visiting site we were in and out of Working Street by 7.35am heading back to the shop ready to reload for the next site.

Large Letters From Cardiff Balloons

TSB Working Street Cardiff



By 8am we were reloaded and in Clifton Street Cardiff for the next branch. The old Lloyds TSB branch in Clifton Street has been transformed into a shiny new branch for the TSB launch nationwide today.

The Clifton Street branch was having pretty much the same as Working Street only they wanted the arch to be indoors instead.

Spiral Balloon Arch By Cardiff Balloons

Inside Clifton Street TSB


So again we set to work. As with the previous site as all preparation had been done beforehand we were in and out of Clifton Street by 8.35am. Back to the shop in time to open for 9am.

If we can be any help for your new product launch or new store rebrand or opening please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our qualified balloon artists are on hand to answer your queries. Call FREE on 08000 235 232

Giant Silver Letters by Cardiff Balloons

TSB Clifton Street

Cardiff Balloons Launch New Website

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Apr 182013

Cardiff Balloons

Cardiff Balloons have today launched their brand new website, it means we can keep you, our customers more updated on new ideas and developments in the balloons and party industry.

We have made significant changes during 2012, putting 2 members of our team through their CBA examinations and working hard to become Cardiff’s premier choice for Balloon Decorations.

We have worked hard with Qualatex to bring you some of the best latex and foil balloons available in the UK today. All of the latex balloons we use are manufactured by Qualatex and a majority of our foil balloons are too.

We also carry the exclusive range of Qualatex bubbles, bring you a superb investment in balloon decoration. A qualatex bubble will float for around 3 – 5 weeks as a minimum.

So have a browse around our brand new website and see what you think. If you have any suggestions or comments we would love to hear them.