Balloon Colour Choices


Balloon Colour Choices

No matter the colour we are sure that we will be able to match it, either with our traditional colours or with our specialised colours that can be made up using more than one balloon.

Balloon Colour Options

We hold a range of different shades of each colour, such as lime green and emerald green, or pale blue and sapphire blue. You are guaranteed to find the right balloon colour choice for you.


We keep perfect bright colours for birthdays such as magenta pink for a ladies big 40 and this goes lovely with a subtle silver or even a rich vibrant quartz purple. We take great pride in decorating someones special day and helping add the final touches to their wedding day. Traditional wedding colours are gold, ivory, burgundy, white and many more balloon colour choice that we can provide for you.

You can choose as many colours as you want for your function. Usually customers go for 2 main colours but nothing prevents you from having 3 or 4 or going completely multicoloured. Childrens themed parties are especially popular for multicoloured balloons as it keep everything bright  and fun for the little ones.

We can also provide some printed balloons for all occasions such as milestone birthday and also engagement and retirement. Please just pop into our Canton branch and come and have a look at the wide range of balloon colour choices and prints that are available for you.