Balloon Decor Example Prices


We have added some example prices here for you. Here at Cardiff Balloons we understand that sometimes customers do not like to contact us and would rather have an idea of some prices first.

Of course we could not list every possible design here with prices, so we have listed some of the most popular, We can of course change the colours in any of the designs and in most cases that does not increase the price given.

If you would like a comprehensive firm quote for your special occasion please do not hesitate to give us a call or fill in our quote request form.

Our quotes are given without obligation and we will do all we can to help you celebrate.


  • String Of Pearl Arch From £39.99
  • Deluxe Personalised Bubble From £16.99
  • Balloons In Swansea
  • Confetti Filled Jumbo Balloon From £45
  • Giant Letter Balloons For Swansea University
  • Deluxe Table Bouquet from £8.95
  • Character Numbers £24.99
  • Giant Slanted Numbers £35.99
  • Giant Crazy Clown £29.99
  • Palm Tree £79.99
  • Personalised Twisty Heart £34.99
  • Solid Arch From £150
  • Halo With Bursting Balloon From £89.99
  • Giant Floating Balloons From £25 per balloon
  • Double Bubble Table Centre £6.95
  • Elegant Butterfly £49.99
  • Cake Arch £19.99
  • Twisty Number £25
  • Butterfly Effect £23.99
  • Giant Champagne With Bubbles £69.99