Penarth Balloon Decor


Penarth balloon decorPenarth Balloon decor is something Cardiff Balloons had prided itself on in the previous years. As we are a Cardiff based branch then Penarth is one of our most decorated areas.

One of the most popular venues in Penarth is Penarth Conservative Club, but we have also decorated many others such as Penarth ex Service Mens Club and also Pier 64 just near Penarth marina.

Penarth Pier has also undergone some major construction and there are some new and wonderful venues now overlooking the ocean. So why would you not want to hold your celebration here?

Penarth is also local enough to the City centre that if you did not want the hustle and bustle from the centre going on around your venue you would not have to. Penarth is easily accessible from Cardiff Centre and also Barry and Sully are not too far away either. Making it a very good location for all to get to.

If its party balloons that you are after then we have a brilliant selection for you to choose from. Table decorations, entrance balloons and many other venue designs are available. Or alternatively we also have a wide selection of balloon gifts available.

We have an extensive photo gallery of both party venues and also balloon gifts for you to take a look at and if there is anything that you would like just get in contact with us.

With plenty of venues in and around Penarth why not give us a ring and we can help you decide which decor would be best for you depending on the fantastic venue you have chosen.

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