Helium Hire


Here at Cardiff Balloons we can also hire you helium cylinders to inflate your own balloons, this is great if you have to inflate balloons far away or if you are inflating balloons through out the day to hand out.

We have a few options available for Helium Hire in Cardiff. We stock small disposable cylinders that you use then dispose of, although these do not inflate many balloons they are great if you have just a few balloons to blow up.

Then we get into the more serious helium hire. Our commercial helium cylinders inflate anyting upto 1000 balloons, of course depending on the size of the balloon you need to inflate. All our helium
cylinders to hire are hired to you complete with a valve.

Helium Hire From Cardiff BalloonsOur disposble heluim cylinders are available in 2 different sizes.

The smaller one will inflate up to 30 x 9″ latex balloons this cylinder is £27.99 inc VAT

The Larger one will inflate up to 50 x 9″ latex balloons, this cylinder is £35.99 inc VAT

Our commercial cylinders are obviously a lot larger. They are available in 3 different sizes as detailed below. The commercial cyliners do attract a refundable deposit too, SO for every cyliner you hire there is a £50 fully refundable deposit. This is refunded in full when you return the cylinder and valve.

Helium Hire Cardiff

The prices quoted are for collection from our Cardiff based balloon shop Cardiff Balloons.

Order in advance on 029 2023 5661 to ensure availability.