New Bubble Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

New Bubbe Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

Every year Qualatex brings out a new and exciting range of bubbles, this year is no exception. With many different everyday themes being added to the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

Cardiff Balloons Brings You A Pink Happy Birthday Bubb;e The  Birthday Pink Starburst Sparkle bubble range co-ordinate perfectly with the Birthday Sparkle foils. These are available in happy birthday, and all milestone birthdays from 18-60. At present these new bubbles are only being produced in the pink,magenta,white pattern which makes them perfect for ladies with a special birthday. A bonus with the bubble balloons is that they are long lasting and so are perfect also to put into a gift arrangement for someone special.

Also new out this year is the new designs in Welcome Baby Bubbles, with pretty, colourful dots and star New baby balloon from Cardiff Balloons prints. Also the Welcome Baby Animal Patterns Bubble both of which are perfect to celebrate the arrival of  a new little one. As the colours are generic on both balloons they are ideal for baby boys or girls alike. Perfect for when the gender of the baby has been kept as a suprise. Qualatex latex balloons and foils can also be added to these bubbles to make a larger/more bespoke gift for the precious new arrival.

The Birthday Sorbet Starburst Bubble is perfect for adding with latex in a display. It works well with wild berry, purple violet, tropical teal and lime. These colours are also available in Birthday Sparkle, a perfect match for the new bubble. Another new birthday bubble design is the Birthday Balloons and Candles Bubble, which to me has Cardiff Balloons - 18th Birthday pink bubbes combined two very popular bubble ideas together, and created a truly fun design. The Birthday Black Band and Dots Bubble will work well for any birthday where colour is key. The Birthday colourful stripes foil also works well with this.

Qualatex have launched these balloons and will be with us shortly. So watch this space for updates and other new product information as it is recieved.

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