Personalised Balloons

Personalised Birthday Balloon

Personalised balloons are the ” In Thing ” these days. From message of congratulations to proposals, you can put almost anything on a balloon that you wish.

Personalised bubble balloon

From large amounts of printed latex balloons to individualy designed foil and bubble balloons marking your special day or event.

We can put any message you wish on any balloon we can even use logo’s or basic images too. So If its a single balloon to say ” Will You Marry Me” or foil balloons displaying your company logo we can arrange both for you.

Small orders for foil or bubbles can usually be completed the same day often while you wait !!

So gone are the days where you could not get a balloon for your aunt’s 58th birthday, or finding balloons with names that are spelt a little different, here at Cardiff Balloons we have overcome that obstacle for you. We can offer you personalised balloons for any occasion.

What about photos on balloons ????  Yes we can do that too !!

Simply visit our partner site at and you can upload your photo and order the balloons you require. You can then have them delivered to us to inflate for you all included in the on screen price.

Whatever your balloon printing or personalisation requirements please simply pop in, give us a call or request a quote we are here to help and assist you 6 days a week.

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