Giant Balloon Numbers In Disguise !!

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Jan 262015

Giant Numbers At Cardiff BalloonsThe basic large or giant balloon numbers have been around in the balloon and party industry for a good few years now, but as more and more manufacturers are beginning to make them we are seeing new colours becoming available.

Originally available in basic silver and gold here at Cardiff Balloons we now stock the numbers in 9 different colours ready for you to to just pop in and collect. We also have access toanimal foil number balloons animal numbers which bring a slightly more interesting side to the number collection.

Our large foil balloon numbers average around 34″ tall and are suitable for helium or air filling. Our fantastic off the hook price of just £7.99 includes helium filling and a weight too.

But why just leave it at a basic number ? We at Cardiff Balloons have come up with several designs that all bring something new and innovative to the basic balloon number. Maybe just something Mickey holding a number 1simple as placing the number balloon on a small column. Or better yet for a little ones birthday why not add a mickey or minnie mouse to the design ?

Maybe even make the number part of the character itself. With the new zebra print number balloon that has been developed why not incorporate that into a zany zebra birthday design.

Whatever the look or design you would like with our huge range of giant number please do not hesitate to getzebra balloon number in touch one of our experienced balloon artists will be only too happy to help and advise you.

Giant Number Design

Rainbow Of Giant Number Balloons

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Feb 052014

Giant Numbers At Cardiff BalloonsHere at Cardiff Balloons we are pleased to announce we have extended our range of giant number balloons. We have taken delivery of some exciting new colours.

In addition to the black, gold, pink, blue and silver we now are carrying stock of red and multi-coloured too. All these colours are kept in stock every day for you to simply call in and pick upGiant Number Design

And whats even better is that we have held the price at £7.99 too. So you can have any number you need in a wide selection of colours at no extra cost whatsoever.

We have also played around a little with the numbers too, making some exciting new designs instead of the basic helium filled number. We have designed a slant design similar to the one photographed above. This can be adapted and slightly changed to suit any number or age you would like, and from only £24.99 too.

We are always trying to come up with new ideas and suggestions for your balloon displays, but if you would like something special or bespoke pop in and have a chat with one of our balloon artists, we are always happy to help and as always our advice is free !

Keep an eye on our news here at Cardiff Balloons we have some exciting news coming up soon about having giant letters in different colours also.