Exam Results 2018

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Aug 232018


Today is GCSE RESULTS DAY 2018, where thousands of teenagers go to collect the results of the last 2 years work. Whilst some will be over joyed that they have gained the results they need to go to college or 6th form, others may not have got what they want.

Sometimes the pressure these youngsters put them selves under is not so healthy, today there will be plenty of teenagers out there who do not know where to turn from here. They will think that they have failed, have let people down and have let themselves down.

We would just like to remind these students that if you did not attain the results you needed, please do not despair. TomorrowGCSE RESULTS DAY 2018 is another day, there will be further chances, further opportunities and more importantly second, third or fourth chances.

I myself did not get the results I wanted at GCSE.  Back then some of the opportunities of today did not exist. So I left school and found work.

However today there are plenty of options open to you. Speak to you school advisers and teachers. They are there to help, and will be happy to explain further options to you. Maybe you would like another chance as you feel you could do better, maybe academia is not your strong point so something more “hands on” maybe where your strengths lie.

If you did get the results you required “Well Done You”. Hope your future is bright whatever you choose to do. If you did not then your future is just as bright, you are young , adaptable and will capitalize on your new opportunities.

Whatever your results today. Remember tomorrow can be a fresh start !!


Forever Training

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Aug 012017

Forever Training ? Always learning something new  !!

Cardiff Balloons Are Forever Training

Here at Cardiff Balloons we are forever training. We believe no matter what you know about a subject and no matter how experienced you are there is always something you can learn.

With that in mind we attend as many training courses and workshops within our industry as we can. Most of them only last the day but some do last a bit longer.

Our most recent course was to do with balloons, we picked up some fantastic new ideas and techniques, and of course will put them to good use in due course.

One of the designs we learned on the latest course was to make a monster out of balloons. Maybe great for Halloween but not so much for everyday use. With that in mind we changed the design slightly and came us with this.

What do you think ??Minion Balloon From Cardiff Balloons

In all fairness, we think he is pretty cool. This in one of the many reasons we think that you can never just let your business stand still.

You have to evolve, you have to learn what is new and what is in trend at the moment. Here at Cardiff Balloons we try to do just that.

So whatever your requirements in balloon decoration or gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our fully and recently trained balloon professionals.

New Bubble Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

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Jan 122016

New Bubbe Balloons From Cardiff Balloons !!

Every year Qualatex brings out a new and exciting range of bubbles, this year is no exception. With many different everyday themes being added to the possibilities are endless, the only limit is your imagination.

Cardiff Balloons Brings You A Pink Happy Birthday Bubb;eThe  Birthday Pink Starburst Sparkle bubble range co-ordinate perfectly with the Birthday Sparkle foils. These are available in happy birthday, and all milestone birthdays from 18-60. At present these new bubbles are only being produced in the pink,magenta,white pattern which makes them perfect for ladies with a special birthday. A bonus with the bubble balloons is that they are long lasting and so are perfect also to put into a gift arrangement for someone special.

Also new out this year is the new designs in Welcome Baby Bubbles, with pretty, colourful dots and star New baby balloon from Cardiff Balloonsprints. Also the Welcome Baby Animal Patterns Bubble both of which are perfect to celebrate the arrival of  a new little one. As the colours are generic on both balloons they are ideal for baby boys or girls alike. Perfect for when the gender of the baby has been kept as a suprise. Qualatex latex balloons and foils can also be added to these bubbles to make a larger/more bespoke gift for the precious new arrival.

The Birthday Sorbet Starburst Bubble is perfect for adding with latex in a display. It works well with wild berry, purple violet, tropical teal and lime. These colours are also available in Birthday Sparkle, a perfect match for the new bubble. Another new birthday bubble design is the Birthday Balloons and Candles Bubble, which to me has Cardiff Balloons - 18th Birthday pink bubbescombined two very popular bubble ideas together, and created a truly fun design. The Birthday Black Band and Dots Bubble will work well for any birthday where colour is key. The Birthday colourful stripes foil also works well with this.

Qualatex have launched these balloons and will be with us shortly. So watch this space for updates and other new product information as it is recieved.

Table centrepieces

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May 062014

table centrepiecesAs well as creating some wonderful balloon table centrepieces we also like to work with other elements to see what elegant designs and ideas we can come up with.

We have recently be working with glassware, candles, stones, mirrors and other items to bring you a whole new range in centerpiece design.

We understand that balloons are not everyone’s first choice so we are happy to incorporate other ideas to be able to suit all needs and wants.table centrepiece

We have included a couple of images to show the ideas that we have been working on and the prototypes that we have created to show you the types of arrangements that are available. We have also included some new balloon designs too so there is plenty of variety.

table centrepiecesAll of the designs are available in a selection of colours so you are sure to be able to find something that will match your theme. All the designs are also on a hire basis so a deposit will have to be paid and when all items are returned undamaged it can be refunded.

We have only included a small number of images to show you our new designs all images can however be found in our photo gallery.table centrepieces

If you see any items that you would be interested in or if you have seen something that you like but would like an element altered on it at all please get in contact and we are sure to be able to assist you.

Balloon News

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Apr 022014

balloon newsWell we are pleased to say that Mothers day was a fantastic success and we delivered some wonderful bouquets to some amazing mothers on the day itself. We hope all mothers had a lovely day and spent it with the ones that mattered.

Next on our list of balloon news are some new designs that we will be trialing out for the upcoming wedding season.balloon news

The most popular colours are very simple and plain this summer, shades of pink, gray and neutrals. There are a couple of bolder colours to compliment such as navy or coral. All these colours work beautifully in balloon decorations too.

balloon newsWe are constantly trying to come up with new and exciting designs to make your special day one to remember and stand out from the crowd.

There are some lovely new balloons that we are very excited to be working with to create these new wedding designs so please pop in and keep your eyes on our website to see our fantastic new creations.

Zebra Print Numbers

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Mar 192014

zebra print numbersCardiff balloons are always keeping up to date with new products coming onto the market. A couple of weeks ago we introduced the new orbz, diamondz and cubez to our array of balloon gifts. This week as well as keeping in stock the other fantastic number that we stock we are now also stocking zebra print 3ft numbers!

These numbers are the same price as the other numbers and will float for approx 7 to 10 days. TheyNumber design From £24.99 are also perfect to add to any balloon designs that we have created and we will be looking at some new designs especially for these numbers.

Everyone loves to be spoilt for their birthday and what better way to do that than with some giant numbers showing their age, either as a gift or as decoration for a party to start their birthday celebrations.

zebra print numbersAnimal prints are very popular especially amoungst young ladies so these numbers are perfect and we also stock other balloons with zebra print to add to make bigger arrangements to compliment the numbers.

The choices are endless with these balloons and they are perfect for people of any ages so Zebra print numberswhy not have a look through our gallery and see if there are any arrangements you might like these balloons made into, or pop in and pick up the numbers as they are. They can be inflated for you within a matter of minutes.

Mothers Day

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Feb 192014

Mothers day Well Valentines Day has only just passed but already we are thinking of the next occasion, Mothers Day.

We should always show our mothers every day how much they mean to us and how much we love them. Unfortunately life can sometimes get in the way. So Mothers Day can be that push we need sometimes to make sure we make that extra special effort to show our Mothers our appreciation.

What better way to show our Mothers how special they are than with a fantastic Mothers Day balloon gift. Balloons can have the ability to last longer than flowers and are even better for those that are allergic to flowers!

Just like Valentines Day we will be having a special off £9.99 balloon bouquet including 2 foils and 2 latex balloons all mothers dayin a fantastic Mothers Day theme.

We have come amazing balloon gifts starting at just £2.99 for a foil balloon up to some much grander balloon bouquets. We can also make bunches of balloon flower bouquets so the people who cannot have flowers do not feel left out. We can even make our famous bubble man (or woman in this case) in a Mothers day theme. We have balloon gifts to suit every budget including if there are some little ones who would like to spend a little of their pocket money on.

mothers day Please have a look at some of the designs we have provided and pop into our branch in Canton to see some of the new up and coming designs that will be making an appearance.